Part of the Church of England, Diocese of Guildford


Reverend Keith Bristow (Rector)

My name is Keith Bristow and I have been the Rector of Ash since June 2003. I particularly like the diverse nature of the local community here in Ash and I greatly value the congregation at St Peter's who are always willing to get involved in the work of the church. Sharing in times of celebration is something I always enjoy, in particular weddings, christenings and anniversaries.  In the sadder times of life, like illness and bereavement, I always do my best to help people cope with whatever they are facing, and try to let them see that no matter what may happen, God’s love is ever present and His support is there for the asking.


Reverend Carol Monk (Curate)

My name is Carol Monk and I have been the Curate here at St. Peter’s since July 2011, following my ordination as a Deacon and in 2012 I was ordained Priest. Since then I’ve had the privilege of presiding at weddings, baptism and funerals as well as the regular Sunday Services.  I’m quite familiar to the area as a whole as I live closeby in Aldershot with my husband John. 

I am what the ‘Church’ calls an SSM (Self Supporting Minister), which means exactly that – I’m not paid for my ministry, but support myself by working three days a week for a local Christian Charity, CWR, who are based at Waverley Abbey House in Farnham, where I have been since 2002.