Part of the Church of England, Diocese of Guildford

Contact Information

Church Wardens:

       Philip Rose 01252 261193 or 07484 305224

       Maria Luff

Pastoral Assistants:

       Sheila Taylor    01252 338736

       Ceri Hurcombe  01252 682493

       Denise Farmer  01252 331161 (via Church office)


       Contact: Judith Parker on  01252 320370

       Practices are on Wednesday evenings 7:30-9pm

       Always welcome new members!

Mothers Union

       Meeting on the 1st Wednesday of each month @ 2:30pm

       And on the last Monday of each month @ 8:00pm

       Both in the St. Peter’s Centre.

       Contact: Barbara Ridley 01252 323037

St Peter’s Flower Guild

       Always looking for people to join them!

       Contact: Heather Hillman 01252 656252

St Peter’s Choir

       Practice each Wednesday at 7:30pm in church

       Contact: Mary Lamont 01252 657729

Safeguarding Officer

       Anne Wilson 01252 327556