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Funeral Services

When someone close to us dies we can experience all sorts of different emotions - like shock, anger, sadness, anguish and loneliness.  Grieving can take many forms and affects different people in many different ways.  It is the worst possible time to have to make important decisions, but, one of the things that you have to decide quite quickly is the arrangements for the person’s funeral.  Sometimes the deceased person will have let you know what they wanted, but sometimes you will have to make the decisions together with your family or friends.

Funeral Service at St Peter's Church

St Peter’s Church is always available for the funeral service of those who live in Ash, and also for those who have had a strong connection with Ash parish.  If you would like the funeral to be held in St Peter’s you should inform the funeral director at the outset, so that they can talk with the parish clergy about a date and time that is mutually acceptable.  Once this has been decided the member of clergy who will be taking the service, will visit you and your family at home to talk about the arrangements.  We always try our best to ensure that the service is as personal as possible, so favourite hymns or suitable CD’s of favourite music can usually be included.  If members of the family or friends wish to do give a tribute at the service, or read a favourite poem, that is also possible, or the clergy can do that on your behalf. The service in church can be concluded either by burial or cremation.  

Funeral Service at a Crematorium

If you are planning to have the whole funeral service at a Crematorium the clergy from St Peter’s can still officiate if you would like them to.  Please tell the funeral directors when you go to see them that you would like the service to be conducted by one of the clergy from Ash. Again, the member of clergy taking the service will visit you in your home to arrange the details of the service that you would like.

Following a cremation, the clergy are also available to be present at the committal of the ashes, if you wish.  There is a short service of prayer which can be held, wherever you choose to have the ashes scattered or interred.

As Christians we believe that death is not the end, but that, through faith in Jesus, we have the promise of living for ever in God’s presence.  Jesus, who died on the cross on the first Good Friday was raised to life again on the first Easter Sunday and He promised that He was going ahead to prepare a place for us, where pain and sadness are no more.  Even those who believe this, however, usually need a lot of support when someone dies.  Once again, we would like to help you if we can.  One of the clergy, or a bereavement visitor, will contact you a short while after the funeral and can arrange to come and talk with you about what has happened, if you wish.   But, even if you feel you don’t need us that soon after your bereavement, you can always contact us later, and we will be happy to come then and offer you support.

Memorial Service

On the first Sunday of November each year, at 4 pm in St Peter’s Church, we hold a Memorial Service at which we remember, by name, those who have died.  All are welcome to come to this service and there is always the opportunity to talk to clergy, over refreshments, in St Peter’s Centre.