Part of the Church of England, Diocese of Guildford


The parish of Ash today is quite a lot smaller geographically than it was in earlier times. It was formerly part of the Diocese of Winchester, but later in 1927 the Diocese of Guildford was formed and Ash became one of 163 parishes in this new Diocese.

A church, probably wooden in construction, is recorded in the Domesday Book. The landowner at the time was Azor, an Anglo Saxon. (It is likely that he didn't side with Harold as he was still holding the title to his land post 1066)

Azor gifted his lands, including the church, to the Abbot of Chertsey in return for prayers for his soul.

Over the next 500 years Royal houses changed, Kings and Barons signed the Magna Carta, civil war between the houses of York and Lancaster devasted the country. Throughout this time Chertsey Abbey received taxes from the parish and had the right to appoint the priest in charge.

Durng the reign of Henry VIII, monasteries and abbeys were confiscated for the Crown. So for a short period of time St. Peter's Ash was the property of the Crown.

Later, during the reign of Edward VI's, the crown wished to extend the hunting area to Windsor Castle and as the land they required for this extension belonged to the very powerful landlord, Winchester College, an exchange of land between the Crown and the College was made and Ash became the property of Winchester College. Our Patron remains Winchester College today even though the church is now part of Guildford Diocese. Matters, such as the appointment of a new incumbent, still require consultation with Winchester College!

The Church Building

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