Reverend Keith Bristow (Rector)

Father Keith (Rector)My name is Keith Bristow and I am the Rector of Ash.  I came to St Peter’s in June 2003, having previously served in parishes in Portsmouth and Kirkby, Liverpool. I spent my early years in Bath and later went to University in Exeter.  After graduating I worked for a subsidiary of Shell UK Oil for eight years on local distribution. I value this time spent in industry as I feel it gives me a bit of an insight into the challenges and pressures of the world of work that many of the people experience from day to day.

I enjoy the diverse nature of the local community, and greatly appreciate the willingness of the congregation to get involved in the work of the church in many different ways.  I like to work collaboratively, and I appreciate the fact that God has called many other people in this place to work with me in caring for others, teaching the faith and standing alongside those who are in need of special support and encouragement at any given time.  I always enjoy sharing in times of celebration, like weddings and christenings and anniversaries. In the sadder times of life, like illness and bereavement, I always do my best to help people cope, and try to let them see that no matter what may happen, God’s love is ever present and his support there for the asking.

When I have time off I enjoy travel. My other relaxations include going to art exhibitions, reading detective novels and watching TV series like Wallander and Midsomer Murders. I am partly responsible for our parish pantomimes and enjoy taking part in other parish drama productions.

It is a great privilege to have Carol as a colleague and the differing gifts that God has given us do, I hope, serve to enrich and broaden the ministry that we can offer at St Peter’s.

If you have not yet visited us at St Peter’s, I look forward to meeting you soon, you can be sure of a very warm welcome.